Gifford Cat Shelter


The mission of Gifford Cat Shelter is to provide a safe haven for abandoned, stray, abused, neglected, unwanted and injured cats with the goal of re-homing and ending the needless killing of community and companion cats.

Founded in 1884 and sponsored by Ellen Gifford, the shelter was a pioneer in creating an environment that did not confine animals to small, movement-restricting cages.  Originally a shelter for all animals, Gifford eventually became a shelter for cats.

  • As the first cageless, no-kill shelter in the United States Gifford has cared for and nurtured homeless cats in preparation for healthy, loving, permanent new homes for nearly 130 years.
  • Approximately 75% of the hundreds of cats we help each year are rescued from homelessness, hoarders, and abandonment.
  • Our cats roam freely within our facility and able to play, exercise, and socialize with other cats.  The cat housing spaces are bright, open environments with plenty of windows for napping and bird-watching.
  • We do not euthanize cats in order to make room for more homeless cats, solely on the basis of age, or due to a medical condition that is humanely treatable.
  • We use every available human and financial resource to care for sick cats whose curable or treatable disease or condition might result in euthanasia at another shelter.
  • We have designated housing areas for adoptable cats with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus(FIV) and other special needs.
  • An outdoor enclosure off of the main shelter building gives many of our cats a safe space to get fresh air, run, play, and roll in the grass.
  • Staff and volunteers work tirelessly to socialize and prepare every cat for a permanent home.
  • We support adopters after adoption to ensure a smooth transition to your home.  We want you and your new cat(s) to be happy!”

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