Houston and Puerto Rico

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Pawprinter has donated $300 to the Greater Houston Community Foundation to help the families and pets affected by the disaster.

The next community service is unrelated to pets and will not be managed by Pawprinter, but is still important. Puerto Rico has also recently gone through a hurricane, and after Hurricane Maria, many are still without dependable sources of clean water. My Biology class is raising money to send water-filters to families in affected areas.

To support Puerto Rico, you can visit the website of the group our school is collaborating with here. Below is a poster I created to explain our cause. Thank you very much for reading!

Photographs generously donated by Mr. Junzhu Cao. Thanks!

His artwork gallery is here.


Pawprinter has made a $1000 donation to Gifford Cat Shelter!

Pawprinter donated $1000 to Gifford Cat Shelter and a framed artwork of mine to auction. The auction was on April 22, and I’m happy to say that it sold for over a $100!

Thank you for buying goods at our online store, buying from Amazon through our link, and donating. The cats thank you too! 🙂

Here is our page on Gifford if you’d like to learn more about what they do: http://pawprinter.org/local-shelters/gifford-cat-shelter/