Photographs generously donated by Mrs. Fengfang Mei. Thanks!

Her artwork gallery is here.

梅芬芳 Fenfang Mei






Fenfang Mei

Photography purpose: to create a harmonious family with photography.

My husband bought me a DSLR since 2004, home test and found a dust,  course that we exchanged three times… Later, a friend told us that the dusts can blow out!  This is the beginning of my photography.

My children accompany me on the way photography inadvertently gone through more than ten years. Shooting around the family is a very important part of my work, but my favorite is landscape, especially slow sects evening sunset, sea clouds, city lights.

2014 to be a member of “The Chinese  American Fine Arts Society” .  Learn technique, and help develop new photography classes, organize multiple outdoor photo activities and western folk songs. By organizing and participating in numerous exhibitions of photography, its photographic works great acclaim. 

Under the leadership of their teacher, for the Chinese community charity donation charity photography, but also for a number of organizations for duty shooting.

At the end of 2015, I was elected president of The Chinese American Fine Arts Society.

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